Business Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Services that help your organization define strategy, direction, decision making and allocating resources in both the short and the long term.

Organization Design

Services that identify dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems. Develop plans to implement changes to align with business goals. Focus on improving both the technical and people side of the business. Lead programs to manage and grow business, achieve excellence in customer service, increase revenue and profitability, reduce operating expenses, define processes to improve efficiency and create a climate for motivated and committed employees.

Infrastructure planning

Services to strategize and plan on improving existing infrastructure including capex and third party services, design, develop and manage high availability of services.

Branding and visibility

Services for designing a brand strategy, brand building, product/services definition, Understand the market place, target audience and competition. Plan and implement communication strategy.

Project & Talent management

Project Management - Services include implementing a 5 stage process of Initiation, planning, execution, governance and closure.

Talent Management - Services include Job description template creation, talent acquisition, mobility, performance appraisals, succession planning, training, coaching and mentoring.

Vendor management

Services include defining business requirements, identifying and selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, planning communication strategy and implementing governance process.